How to send GIFs by WhatsApp now that it is already supported

The image should move (as on Twitter) …

Yesterday, Whatsapp launched an important update that allows us to edit the photos by adding text or emojis, among other things. But it also came with another news even more important, although disabled by default, which is the support for send GIFs. Although the option is disabled, we can see them; what we can't do is send them … unless we do it using some trick.

Actually, send a GIF WhatsApp now that it is compatible is not a difficult task, but you have to know the way. Then I will propose three alternatives, although all are very similar. Among them there will be one in which we will have to use the Workflow app, one of the best apps in the App Store that serves this and much more. I explain how to do it below.

How to send GIFs by WhatsApp with Workflow

We write so much of Workflow that you may think we have an agreement with its developers. Nothing is further from reality. We talk about this app because it serves to do many things, such as sending GIFs through WhatsApp without major difficulties. To send a GIF by WhatsApp from Workflow we have to follow these steps:

  1. As always, the first step if we do not have it installed is to go to the App Store and install Workflow.
  2. Next we will have to create / get the workflow that will allow us to send GIFs. I have created my own tool that you can download from here. It is a workflow that we can launch from the widget and I created it that way because we can access it from the Notification Center in the app that we are; If we are in WhatsApp we do not need to leave the app. It is also important to say that this workflow is not only for sending GIFs by WhatsApp, but it is for searching for GIFs and sharing them wherever we want.
  3. As I explained above, we can launch this workflow from the Notification Center, but also by entering the application and launching it from it. In any case, in this step we will launch the workflow.
  4. The first thing we will see will be a window where we have to enter the desired text.
  1. Next, we play in “Done”. We will see many GIFs about what we have looked for.
  2. We select a GIF.
  3. Next, the Preview opens, where there is a tool for sharing without limits. We click on the share button that is on the bottom left.
  4. Next, we choose “Import with WhatsApp”. If we don't see the option, we have to swipe to the right, tap on “More” and activate the option.
  5. Now we only have to choose the contacts to whom we want to send the GIF and send it.

  • As an optional step, Workflow stays in the Preview. If we want, we can go back to Workflow and tap on “Done”.

Send GIFs by WhatsApp from iCloud Drive

If you do not have Workflow and do not want to buy the app (which is very worthwhile), you can send GIFs by WhatsApp taking a short walk from iCloud Drive. We will do it by following these steps:

  1. The first thing will be to get the GIF. To do this, just look it up on the internet and save it on the reel.
  2. From the reel, we select the GIF and tap on the share button.
  1. Next, we touch on “Add to iCloud Drive”.
  2. In the next step we have to choose where to save the GIF. At each one's choice.
  3. We open the iCloud Drive application.
  4. We touch on the GIF we want to send.
  5. At this point, we have to follow steps 7, 8 and 9 of the previous method: we share, then “Import with WhatsApp” and, finally, choose who we want to send the animated image to.

Send GIFs from other applications

The current problem to send GIFS from WhatsApp is that the option to import with WhatsApp from the reel is not available, maybe this is what is disabled by default. But we can do it from others, such as Workflow or ProCam. If you have an application from which you can view images, you can try to do the steps of tap on share, Import with WhatsApp and choose who to send the GIF to. It worked for me with ProCam.

Do you already know how to send GIFs by WhatsApp although, in theory, you can't?

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