How to send photos via WhatsApp without losing quality

WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most popular instant messaging communication method in the world, despite the fact that Facebook Messenger (from the same company) struggles to take over the throne. But nevertheless, There are many problems that drag this application, some have been gradually solved, but others such as the poor quality of the photographs taken both with his camera and the gallery no.

Everything is arranged in this life, We are going to show you how you can send the photos by WhatsApp without losing a hint of quality, It is time for you to learn this important trick with which to convert WhatsApp in your most common method of sending and receiving images.

It's all much simpler than you can imagine, as you well know, WhatsApp has long distinguished between "images" and "documents." In this last file system is precisely the key, and the trick is to send the photographs as if they were documents, so WhatsApp will not compress the file while it passes through its servers, it is the method that will give us more security and precisely the one that will allow us to see the photos with great detail.

  1. Press the "+" button in the lower left where the text box is located
  2. We give "Document"
  3. We select the storage source
  4. We choose photography
  5. We send it

This has two weaknesses, the first that must be files hosted in the cloud, since we do not have access to the Reel, the second is that we cannot preview the images. In the future we expect Apple to grant us the possibility of accessing the Reel directly. At least we can quickly share all our memories without too much complication. We hope this tutorial has served you.

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