How to send songs or save received from WhatsApp

Since yesterday we can send and receive documents by WhatsApp without the need for them to be a PDF or need to convert them to that format. Thanks to this novelty we can send Word, Excel, PowerPoint or plain text documents. And not only that, but we can also send songs, something that at least I have always used the Native Music application had never done. Do you want to know how send and download the songs received on WhatsApp? Well, continue reading.

First of all I would like to say that I have researched a little and I have discovered that it has been a long time since songs could be sent via WhatsApp, but using other applications and with more expensive methods. Here we will also show you how to send them using third-party applications, but now it is all much simpler. We will also show you how save them on your iPhone to be able to reproduce them even if you delete the chat where you received them. You have all the information below.

How to send songs by WhatsApp

With Workflow (paid)

Submit songs in .mp3 or m4a (other formats I have not tried yet) is very simple. The first thing we need is to have the songs on a site that allows us to share this type of content, such as the free VLC application. But there is an application that allows us to do everything and I will always recommend your purchase. This is Workflow, from where we can also recover the songs that we have in the Native Music application. The process of sending songs by WhatsApp using Workflow is as follows:

  1. Logically, if we do not have Workflow installed, we go to the App Store and install it. You can download it from THIS LINK.
  2. Now you will need the workflow to extract the songs from the music application and send them. I created one that you have available in THIS LINK. You have to open it in Workflow.
  3. With the application installed and the workflow downloaded, we open Workflow and launch the Send Music workflow.
  1. It is very simple to use: just look for the song or songs we want to send and accept.
  2. The last step of the workflow and this method is sharing, which will allow us to send the song by WhatsApp and other means.

With Documents 5 (free)

An option as simple as the previous one but which may be better for being free is to send the songs using the Documents 5 application. This method is very simple and we will only have to do the following:

  1. Download Documents 5 if we do not have it installed (Download).
  2. Logically, now we open Documents 5.
  3. We open “iPod Music Library”.
  4. Now we tap on "Edit."
  5. We select the songs we want to send.
  6. We tap on "Open in."
  7. Finally, we select “WhatsApp” and then the contact to whom we want to send the song.

From other applications

If we have the song in VLC or another multimedia application, we can give it directly to share and select WhatsApp. But I find it more interesting to be able to send the ones we have on our iPhone. If the multimedia application where we have the song has the share action available (

) but does not allow us to send it by WhatsApp, we can use THIS WORKFLOW. It is the simplest of all, since it is like the Mac Preview, a viewer of all kinds of documents, but from it we have a much more powerful sharing option that will allow us to send songs via WhatsApp.

How to download the songs received by WhatsApp

The bad thing about watching the songs on WhatsApp is that they cannot be downloaded. Not? Not too little. There is a trick that will help us to save a WhatsApp audio. The following method is not the most attractive and I imagine that in the future it will not be necessary to make so much detour, but it works. We will do it by following these steps:

  1. We play and keep on the song received by WhatsApp. We will see that the “Resend” option appears.
  2. We tap on "Forward".
  3. Now we tap on the share icon ().
  4. From the options that appear, we choose “Add to notes”.
  1. We accept the note, it is not necessary to name it.
  2. Now we open the Notes application and access the created note.
  3. We play and keep on the song.
  4. From the options that appear, select "Share."
  1. Now we have to tap on "Quick view."
  2. We touch again on the share icon ().
  3. And finally, we save the song in a compatible application. I would keep it in VLC.
  • As they tell us in the comments, but I have preferred to add the native and free option here, if you have Workflow we can also run the Preview Workflow (Quick Look) to save it anywhere. We could also start other workflows, this already to the taste of the consumer.

As you can see, it is not a method with few steps, but it works and solves the doubt of where whatsapp audios are stored on iPhone. The bad thing is that the song is sent and save with a very long name, but applications like VLC allow you to rename the file. What do you think of these methods to send and save songs from WhatsApp?

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