How to sync iCloud and Google calendars easily

Although many of us have all our devices within the Apple ecosystem, the omnipresence of Google in each and every one of the internet services means that in many cases you should use some of them. One of the most frequently asked questions is how to synchronize the calendars of iCloud and Google Calendar automatically, and this is what we are going to explain today.

It is a very convenient option on many occasions, for example if we have an Android smartphone or tablet, or if at work we are “forced” to use Google Calendar. It is not necessary to waste hours or money to look for applications that allow us to perform this task, because the native services themselves allow us to do it automatically and free of charge, and that is what we are going to explain in detail below.

Two important details to keep in mind

To be able to synchronize these calendars we must accept two small inconveniences. The first one is that we will have to share the iCloud calendar publicly that we want to synchronize, which can be a major inconvenience in certain cases (not mine). That means that anyone who has that link that is generated can access the calendar, but the link is not easy to get.

The second drawback is that synchronization is only one way, from iCloud to Google, that is, from Google Calendar you cannot modify any of those calendars. More than an inconvenience, in my case it is an advantage, but if you need this not to be the case, this alternative we offer here does not work for you.

1. Share from iCloud

The first step is to share the calendar from your iCloud account. For it from the computer browser we access and from within the calendar option click on the four waves icon (such as the WiFi icon) to bring up the sharing options. We must activate the Public Calendar option, and copy the link that appears under it.

2. Import it into Google Calendar

Now we must access Google Calendar from the computer's browser, and within the main screen add a calendar from a URL, as indicated by the capture.

Within the corresponding field we paste the URL that we copied before, but something must be done before adding it to Google. We must change the first part of the “webcal” calendar to “http” as it appears in the capture. Once this is done, we can click on “Add Calendar” to appear in Google Calendar.

This operation we can repeat it as many times as we need with more iCloud calendars. Within the options of each calendar in Google Calendar we can change the name, color, etc.

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