How to translate web pages in Safari for iOS without leaving your browser

Although Spanish is one of the most spoken languages ​​in the world, sometimes it may be Let's not find the information we are looking for in the Cervantes language, which forces us to search in other languages, mainly in English, the most used language on the internet, but not the most spoken in the whole world where Chinese is king, due to its population.

Searching for information in other languages ​​obliges us, on occasion, to look for a translator that allows us to understand the information shown. We can always use copy and paste in the Google translator, but there is a much simpler way and that will prevent us from having to leave Safari to translate the text.

A little over a year ago, Microsoft launched Microsoft Translator, an application with which we can translate words between more than 50 languages, but also in successive updates has including an extension which allows us to translate any web page we visit, quickly and easily.

Translate web pages in Safari for iOS without abandoning it

One of the problems of the applications that allow us to translate texts is having to leave the browser to open it and paste the text. But thanks to this extension of Microsoft Translator lThe work of translating is done in a few seconds.

  • The first and fundamental thing is to download Microsoft Translator. At the end of the article I leave you in direct link.
  • Next we must visit the website we want to translate.
  • Once the website to be translated has been fully loaded, click on the share button and We are looking for the Microsoft Translator extension.
  • Clicking on it, at the top of the page an orange strip will be shown that shows us the progress of the translation. If we want the page to be displayed in its native language, we just have to click on the X located on the right side of the bar.

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