How to update the HomePod to the latest version available

Apple HomePod is not yet available in many countries, but You have already received your first software update. Along with the release of iOS 11.3, Apple has released a small update for the HomePod that will be automatically installed on your speaker.

But if you are one of those who cannot wait, and since automatic updates generally take several days to complete, tand we show how you can update your HomePod to the latest available version from the first moment it is launched. All steps with images below.

HomePod software management is done with the Home application. By not having a specific application like Apple Watch, the Apple speaker uses this application for its configuration options and to be able to update it manually. It is not a very intuitive procedure, but it is not complicated. We must open the house application, click on the arrow in the upper left corner and click on “House settings”. Once this is done, we select the house in which the HomePod is configured and at the bottom we can see “Software update”.

Within this menu we can activate automatic updates to forget about this issue, but we can also force the update manually once it has detected that there is a new version, by pressing the install button. The first update is more than 2GB, something really amazing for this type of device. After a few minutes, the HomePod will be ready to go. If when you access the HomePod update menu, there is no update available that you already know exists, try configuring your iPhone or iPad to the latest version, because it may be an indispensable requirement for the speaker to receive it as well. Apple already does something similar with the Apple Watch, which requires the latest version on the iPhone to be updated.

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