Huawei is inspired again by Apple presenting a clone of the AirPods

In recent years, when Samsung has stopped being inspired by Apple to design its devices, is the rest of manufacturers who are following the path that Apple marks. Although the first smartphone with notch was Andy Rubin's Essential, it was the iPhone X who popularized it in the market.

In the MWC we have seen how most Android manufacturers, except Samsung, they have copied for no apparent reason and blatantly the notch, eyebrow, bangs, island or whatever you want to call it from the iPhone X. Huawei has gone further and has not only copied the notch, but has also copied the AirPods with the Huawei FreeBud.

During the presentation of the Huawei P20, the Asian firm was again compared to the iPhone X and the Galaxy S9, but when it was the turn of the presentation of the FreeBuds, at no time was the word Apple heard, although they are clearly inspired by the design of the AirPods.

Smartphones today and for a few years, will be rectangular, so innovation in design has to wait. However, if we talk about wireless headphones, in the market we can see a large number of examples with excellent design and autonomy, but as usual in Huawei, it is cheaper to copy than to innovate.

The Huawei FreeBuds they offer us an autonomy with a single charge of 10 hours (Need to check if they are real) for the 5 hours offered by the AirPods. As we can see in the image above, Huawei has used the same design to implement the battery in an elongated way, where we take the AirPods.

The Huawei wireless headphones us a piece of silicone in the part that is inserted into the ear canal to try to give a more insulating feeling, something that not if you have used this type of headset, you know that it is not achieved at any time, thus trying to replace the lack of a noise cancellation system.

The price of Huawei FreeBuds is 159 euros and will be available in black and white

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