I don't see the other device on AirDrop what can I do?

At this point we must all know the AirDrop benefits, but for those who do not know what it means or simply that they are not using it, I can tell you that for me it is the best way to pass files between iOS and macOS devices.

In the previous iOS, the AirDrop function failed a lot, too much, even today it may have some failure than another – in my case not long ago it failed – but in general it is much more reliable today. The important thing for the proper functioning of AirDrop is that all our devices are updated to the latest available version, but What happens if I don't see the other device?

AirDrop does not usually fail today

With AirDrop we can instantly share all our photos, videos, documents and much more with all the Apple devices we have nearby. But sometimes it may fail or simply not find the person or device to which we are trying to send the content via AirDrop, for this let's try the following:

  • We will check that both devices have active Wi-Fi connection and open Bluetooth for all
  • It is important to have the option of Internet Sharing disabled, so if you have it enabled disable it
  • On the other hand we have to have the devices close, we cannot send files to devices that are out of range of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • In a last attempt if all this does not work, you have to resort to a device restart

The time he failed me I needed to pass some photos of the iPhone to the iMac (something I usually do) but at that time I had little time and it bothered me to fail. In my case simply the iPhone X did not detect the iMac therefore it was impossible to send the photos. Instead the iMac did detect the iPhone, so with a restart of the iPhone everything was solved instantly. I have to say that AirDrop in my case works great and whenever I have to share something with another device I use it.

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