iBooks available only for the US and not come native on the iPad

As conjectured from the beginning, all indications lead to the iPad U.S not include iBooks with the rest of its native applications (iTunes, App Store, etc.), but also only be available for the United States In the first moment. This is due to two reasons: problems with copyright worldwide and the possibility of updating the application more easily.

While Manzana It was subtle regarding this, from the outset it could be read on the official international site as iBooks should be downloaded from the App Store like any neighbor's son, instead of being included directly on the iPad as is the case with its other sales platforms such as iTunes and App Store. At the end of the page we will also find a legend saying that iBooks be available only in the United States, and if you need further proof try to visit the Apple site of the United Kingdom and you will notice the total absence of iBooks in the functions section of the iPad.

From this point, we can only speculate about the plans of Manzana for your e-book store, but the most logical reason to limit your market to the US it will have to do with the differences in the legislation of each country about the rights of author and marketing of books. On the other hand, the fact that the application is distributed from the App Store may allow a better rate of updates, since it will not be linked to firmware of the iPhone OS as is the case with native applications.

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