Improve the connection of your Apple Watch with your iPhone thanks to WiFi

The Apple Watch needs the iPhone to perform the vast majority of its tasks. Although it is true that it enjoys a certain autonomy for things like listening to music thanks to its internal storage and Bluetooth headphones, or that the new Series 2 is able to trace your route when playing sports thanks to its integrated GPS, the connection to the iPhone It is essential to take full advantage of the Apple Watch. Bluetooth connectivity and WiFi connectivity complement each other perfectly for this, and ors we explain how it works as well as a trick to skip the Apple Watch limitation of not connecting to 5GHz networks.

Bluetooth and WiFi to cover more

The Appel Watch connects to the iPhone via Bluetooth. This type of connection is ideal to consume less energy, but has the disadvantage of having little range. If you separate a few meters from your Appel Watch in your home, where there are walls and other obstacles, the Bluetooth connection will be lost. But for this there is the WiFi connectivity that allows you to always be connected to your iPhone within your home network even if you are far away, as long as both devices connect to the same WiFi network.

The Apple Watch connects to all WiFi networks stored on your iPhone, so you don't have to do anything special for this, it's a completely automatic process. How can you tell if your Apple Watch is connected to your iPhone using one type of connection or the other? It's very simple: from The Control Center. Deploying it we can see in the upper right corner an iPhone in green or a cloud in green depending on the connection we have, Bluetooth or WiFi respectively. Both connections allow us to do exactly the same with our watch: notifications will arrive, we will send messages, answer calls … It is an automatic and totally transparent way for the user that makes us move around the house without having to carry the iPhone on whenever there is A WiFi network available.

5GHz networks

The Apple Watch has a limitation: it is not compatible with 5GHz networks. These networks are increasingly used and that more and more routers use They have several advantages over conventional 2.4GHz, as they have less interference and the speed you get is better In most cases, although they have a great disadvantage: they have less coverage. The latter can be easily saved with network expanders such as the Devolo dLAN 1200+ that I use with very good results. But then you have the disadvantage that you cannot use the WiFi function of your Apple Watch. Or yes, because there is a little trick that allows you to skip this restriction.

Modern routers with dual band allow to have a 2.4GHz network (compatible with Apple Watch) and another 5GHz simultaneously. What we are going to do is that although our iPhone is connected to the 5GHz network, the Apple Watch connects to it through the 2.4GHz network. We will forget the two networks on the iPhone, for which we click on the “i” on the right of both networks.

Once forgotten the networks restart the Apple Watch. Now connect your iPhone to the 2.4GHz network and wait a few moments for the Apple Watch to store the network. To verify that it is already stored, disable the iPhone's Bluetooth and verify that the Apple Watch shows the cloud in the control center. If so, you can now connect to the 5GHz network and your Apple Watch will still be connected using the 2.4GHz network. If you wish, you can forget the 2.4GHz network so that your iPhone always connects to the other.

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