In the absence of AirPower, mophie launches a 10W Qi base

Wireless charging is spreading more and more between iOS devices. A feature already available in the latest models, the iPhone X and the different iPhone 8 present in the market. All while Manzana announced the Airpower, its own charging base that does not arrive.

The mophie firm that is known for manufacturing quality accessories for iOS has not wanted to miss the occasion that Apple has offered and presents surprises. This is how mophie has finally launched a 10W wireless charging base with a cheaper Qi standard than the AirPower.

When you think about it so much, as is happening to Apple with the AirPower (because I refuse to believe it is a matter of manufacturing), other firms with much more experience arrive and eat the toast. It's called Charge Stream Pad + u has 10W of power to charge a good number of devices Apple compatible but not at the same time. The best, without a doubt, of all that is presented is the price, which is that it will range between 60 euros once it is fully in the European market. About 50% cheaper of the total over which the Cupertino company intends to sell us its AirPower. However, although this charger promises more charging speed, we cannot simultaneously include several devices because they simply do not fit, perhaps that is the real appeal of the AirPower.

The device with Quick Charge 2.0 compatibility works using an extra-large microUSB cable that mophie promises to include in the package. In addition, he claims to be able to charge even when the phone is protected by a case, as long as it is not thicker than three millimeters, not much, not too little as to turn this base into a useless accessory, because few dare to go no protection for life with an iPhone X. The certified Qi standard will offer 10W of power and we can acquire it from next April 9 at Amazon or the usual providers where mophie is usually present.

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