InkHunter, test virtual tattoos on the App Store

Tattoos are increasingly the order of the day. There are few who by fashion or different reasons are beginning to mark their bodies with ink, coming to consider some of them true works of art. However, the fact that they are considered practically for a lifetime (although there are effective methods of elimination), and the pain of their elaboration, leads many to not do them despite liking them. For that kind of people the success of the App Store has come, InkHunter, an application that allows you to create and test virtual tattoos on your skin thanks to augmented reality.

Needless to say, there were already similar programs and applications, and that using decals we could also try this, but it was never as easy and realistic as with InkHunter, this application allows us to test tattoos in the easiest way possible, and that is why It has become a success in the App Store. This is how the development team offers it to us:

Using inkhunter you can test any tattoo directly on your body.

The application uses augmented reality, which means that: ● A tattoo can be seen in 'real time' ● From different angles ● And edit it directly on your skin.InkHunter also allows you to: ● Add your tattoos ● Extract tattoos from sketches in paper ● Trim tattoos by adjusting them to the contour of your body

The way it works is very simple: Choose a tattoo> Get amazing photos> Share them with your friends

It occupies only 25 MB, the only one is that it's only in English for now, But let's hope that sooner or later, however, his point in favor is that it is a universal application for both iPhone and iPad and iPod Touch. Compatible with any iOS system superior to iOS 8 and with integrated payments.

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