Instagram adds portrait mode to your application, without the need for a double camera

Since Facebook bought Instagram, the social network of selfies teaching morritos and food dishes, has become the favorite social platform of many millions of users, as it currently has almost 1 billion users. Although most of the options it includes have been copied from Snapchat, from time to time it surprises us with some novelty, as is the case of the last update.

Instragram has just updated the iOS app by adding a new Portrait mode called Focus, so that it will allow us to take captures of people with a blurred background, without the need for our smartphone to have a double camera, but Only compatible from iPhone 6s but not including iPhone SE, so the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 5s cannot make use of this function.

Another requirement of this new mode is that We can only use it to take pictures of people, otherwise, the blur effect will not be activated via software offered by the latest update. The technology that Instagram has used is likely to be the same that some manufacturers use in their terminals to blur the background of the images when the terminal has only one camera.

While it is true that the iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X software is also helped to create this blur, seeing the good results offered by this application, it shows once again that Apple has not wanted to introduce this function in all terminals because it has not felt like it forcing to users who want to take advantage of this dual camera function to opt for the Plus model, a model that is 100 euros more expensive than normal.

After the controversy of Facebook with Cambridge Analytica, Facebook has made modifications to the API through which third-party applications had access to a large number of user data, although they are much less than those obtained through Facebook, so the applications and web services of third parties that allow us to control both the number of followers and the interactions that our publications have have, for the most part, stopped working.


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