Internet where you are with the TP-Link 4G router

Holidays arrive and with them the disconnection of our WiFi network from home and work, and this is not necessarily good, because not having internet also means giving up leisure activities that we want to resume on vacation, how to enjoy our favorite Netflix or HBO series. Use the data from our iPhone? It is not recommended because we would use up the rate right away.

The operators each time include better extra data rates for specific periods without any type of permanence so that we do not have to exhaust the rate of our iPhone or iPad, but how can we use that rate with our iPhone? Normal USB modems don't work, but There are other devices such as the TP-Link M7350 that creates a WiFi network to connect up to 10 devices at once.

Dual Band, 4G and sufficient autonomy

With a size smaller than that of our iPhone, this TP-Link 4G router performs better than one might think. In addition to being compatible with high-speed networks (4G / LTE) It has the peculiarity that you can create a 2.4GHz network, with greater range, or a 5GHz network that has less interference. Both networks are not simultaneous, but you will have to choose between one or the other according to your preferences.

It allows maximum download speeds of 150Mbps and up to 50Mbps. Obviously this will depend on the coverage you have in your area. The coverage you get with this mobile router is very similar to what you have with the iPhone, and the download speed achieved is also similar in the tests I have done. In my area the 4G network is not very good and the coverage barely reaches a line, with drops to 3G in most of the time, and still the speed achieved is quite acceptable for most of the tasks you intend to perform. The reach of the router is also quite good, getting coverage on both floors of a single-family house without problems.

The router has a battery so you can use it on your trips without plugging it in. The official specifications speak of up to 10 hours of autonomy, but in my case they have surpassed 6 hours before he asked me to connect it to the load, and although it is a much lower figure than the official one, it is more than enough to make a trip by car or train. Thanks to the screen that incorporates you can see at all times what battery you have, in addition to other information such as coverage, downloaded data or even the number of connected devices.

Simple setup and operation

To start working with the TP-Link MiFi router, it doesn't take much, just the operator's SIM, activated, and little else. By default it will create a “TP-LINK **” type network with a pre-configured key, which is printed on the inside of the back cover. Of course this can be changed from a web interface that you can access from the address "" connected to the router network with the username and password "admin". You can also do it from the tpMiFi app that you have available in the App Store and that I definitely recommend downloading for this and other tasks.


TP-Link Technologies Co., Ltd.4.5

From the application in a very simple way thanks to its interface we can modify all the parameters of this router, from the name of the network to the password, the PIN, the type of network we want to create, etc. We will also see information about the consumption era we have made, set limits, consumption notices, battery status, and many other parameters.

Your own multimedia server

The TP-Link router also has a peculiarity that makes it an even more interesting option, and you can enter a microSD card up to 32GB (compatible with FAT, FAT32, NTFS and ExFAT) which you can access wirelessly to pass files or read them. I have used it to save the favorite movies of my little ones and that they can watch them on the iPad using any application compatible with shared network drives, such as VLC (free) or Infuse Pro (my favorite).

In this way you will not only have internet in any place where you take this router, but also the little ones or yourself you can enjoy the movies or series that you have downloaded without spending a mega of your valuable rate. None of the movies I've tried are very heavy, just files of a couple of gigabytes with maximum, but they looked perfectly uncut.

Box contents

This small router comes quite complete in its box, since in addition to the obvious microUSB charging cable it includes the charger, which is not very common today. Obviously you can always charge it using any USB of your computer or any other compatible charger, but it is a detail that has its own included. In addition another small detail is that it incorporates two adapters so you can use any type of card, since the router only accepts SIM cards, and with those adapters you can use micro or nanoSIM without problems.

Editor's Opinion

The small MiFi TP-Link M7350 router becomes an ideal accessory to enjoy internet on all your devices when you are away from home. With the possibility of connecting up to 10 devices at once and the optional microSD card that can turn it into a multimedia server, enjoying your favorite series, movies and being connected anywhere is more than possible, also for a fairly reasonable price. You have it available on Amazon for about € 93.

€ 93.02


  • 4G and 3G compatibility
  • Dual Band (not simultaneous)
  • Easy setup and operation
  • Compact design and integrated battery
  • microSD (not included) to access files wirelessly


  • Medium quality plastic materials
  • 32GB microSD card limit

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