iOS 11 says goodbye with at least 85% adoption

That users of iOS They tend to update their devices constantly and without fear it is a reality, all this despite the fact that the latest versions of the operating system of the Cupertino company have not helped to create trust among the users of the platform. However, the latest data is quite revealing.

A few days after the official launch of iOS 12 scheduled for next week, the adoption of iOS 11 is already at least 85%. This is a hallmark of Apple and reveals the confidence that users maintain with the work at the company's software level.

Photo: Macrumors

This adoption statistic has been provided by Apple itself as of May 31, so it is more than possible that it has been altered to improve slightly, although not in a sufficiently relevant way to mention it. Thus we observe that iOS 11 is in at least 85% of the devices, while 10% of the devices are kept in iOS 10 and only 5% have an even older version installed. It is time to stop this graph, because iOS 12 is just around the corner, despite the bad results in the form of continuous errors that iOS 11 has led to.

So that, The next version of the mobile operating system of the Cupertino company is planned based on our analysis (We are testing the iOS 12 beta to keep you informed always) as one of the best versions iOS in recent years, improving performance on all types of devices and adding features that Apple should have added long ago. Stay informed with us of the official arrival of iOS 12 and remember that September 12 will be the Keynote of presentation of the new iPhone and you can follow it live with us.

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