iOS 9.3.2 Beta 1 fixes a bug in Game Center

Lately, an annoying bug has appeared in the iOS Game Center that makes it impossible to develop any of its functions correctly in some games of the iOS App Store. But nevertheless, The latest analyzes report that this Game Center bug has been solved in the first public beta of iOS 9.3.2. This bug is greatly affecting the titles of the App Store that rely heavily on the Game Center to keep both the challenges and the game data synchronized, so it is vitally important that they solve this problem as quickly as possible.

Although iOS 9.3 has complied with the performance patterns exceedingly, it is quite evident that it is full of mischief. We do not know how an operating system that should already be more than debugged can encounter this series of bugs that appear one version after another, as happened with the activation error of many old iPhones iPads. It seems that Apple does not finish hitting the key. However, we must state that iOS 9.3 performs quite efficiently, I personally have been using it since the first betas and the operation is up to the best versions of iOS, a stability and speed that we were not from iOS 6, saving The differences are clear.

This bug causes a blank screen to appear and the game freezes when we select it from the Game Center. Finally, it has already been solved in the first beta of iOS 9.3.2, we have left you a video so you know what we mean by those who have been fortunate not to encounter such atrocity. Meanwhile we will keep an eye on the betas of iOS, although we honestly do not expect major changes until iOS 10, which is likely to be called iOS X emulating his older brother, the desktop operating system.

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