iPhone 8 production start earlier than usual

For many years, before the start of a new iPhone, the same rumor begins to circulate: "This year, the iPhone will be manufactured and launched ahead of time." The rumor has never been fulfilled and this year circulates again ensuring that the iPhone 8 will begin to be manufactured sooner than expected. Deja vu? In the beginning yes, but in 2017 we have reason to think that it is possible: it is the year of the tenth anniversary of the iPhone.

But let's go in parts. Who has started the rumor this year has been the Tech Trader Daily media, where they say they have discovered signs in the supply chain that makes them think that Apple will advance the mass production of the iPhone 8 to June. The difference between this rumor and those of previous years is that the medium Do not think that the next apple smartphone will go on sale before September, but the intention of the Cupertino would be, in the beginning, to ensure that they have enough time for everything to go well.

iPhone 8: manufactured before; for sale as always

The most intriguing information we have discovered suggests that Apple will manufacture the next generation of iPhone before historical standards, although we have no indication that there has been any change in the iPhone 8 / X launch plans.

What's interesting, our current readings suggest a 300% increase in iPhone 8 / X manufacturing in June, now reaching 9 million. As a result, total fabrications in the June quarter have increased from 45 to 48 million, with the sharp increase in the iPhone 8 offset somewhat to the modest decreases in legacy models.

Although we have read similar rumors in previous years, we must take into account two things with respect to this year: the first is that in previous years it was ensured that the iPhone on duty was going to start manufacturing before and it was also going to get the sale before, while this year's one only says that it will start manufacturing before. The second thing we have to keep in mind is that it makes a lot of sense that Cupertino’s want to start making an iPhone before that will come with major design changes, starting with the most likely OLED screen with the Touch ID embedded in it. Another reason could also be its new charging system, which could be either wireless (would be charged remotely) or by induction, being in the second case an advanced system that would allow, for example, an iPhone to receive charging on an iPad .

It will be necessary to see if the rumor is fulfilled this year. Can you imagine that the iPhone 8 goes on sale in June as the original iPhone did?

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