IPhone recycling is a goldmine for Apple

If all devices and SmartWatchs no longer work, Apple could have a prosperous financial future in iPhone recycling.

The company released its annual report on the environment, which covers the entire year 2015. While the whole matter is quite interesting, we really began to pay attention to the part in which the company shares the amount of material that has been recovered from recycled iPhone, this corresponding to your recycling initiative as a company; But it also includes the iPad, Apple Watch, and all other devices that people have sent to recycle.

Apple says that recovered more than 27 million kilos of material, and at today's price, it is worth indicating that they are more than $ 50 million.

Gold is the only value of almost $ 40 million in total, according to Business Insider. But there is curiosity about the rest of the materials, so we present these figures through today's metal prices (accessed April 14) to see what others Riches is getting Apple for its recycling project. Here is the list (presented in dollars):

  • Copper – $ 6.4 million
  • Aluminum – $ 3.2 million
  • Silver – $ 1.6 million
  • Nickel – $ 160,426
  • Zinc – $ 109,503
  • Lead – $ 33,999

Of course, none of these figures is $ 40 million, but it all adds up.

Of course, it's not that Apple is selling these materials to other companies or selling it on the black market (we hope not), as much as they can on new devices is more likely to be reused.

"In 2015, about 40 million kilos of electronic waste were collected through our recycling programs," says Apple. "That is 71 percent of the total weight of the products we sold seven years earlier."

The first news of the recycling initiative at the most recent business event, when Apple introduced its incredibly efficient (and a little scary) iPhone recycling robot, Liam, to the world.

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