iPhone XS, XS Max and XR, and up to 512GB capacity

As we continue at this rate there will be nothing to reveal in the event that from 19:00 will present the new iPhone. A new leak taken from the Apple website confirms what had been rumored for days: the names of the new iPhone will be XS, XS Max and XR.

In addition to the names of the new terminals it also seems that we know what will be the capabilities of the new models, which will range from 64GB of the most basic model to 512GB of the model of greater capacity, something that until now no iPhone had had.

This image is scad from the Apple website. The page is not yet officially accessible but they have managed to enter it and see the code of the same, so except for capital surprise, there is no longer any doubt about what the new Apple phones will be called. What we still have to know is whether it will be "XS" or "Xs". I bet on the capital letter, it is simply a hunch, but for this we will have to wait until this afternoon when they show us exactly how it is written. What we do know is that “Ten S” will say nothing of “XS” although it will be difficult for Spanish-speaking countries to be called “Ten That”.

We will remain attentive to the leakage of leaks and any other novelty that comes to light we will tell you promptly. If you want to get to the “virgins” event, you almost have to put the iPhone in airplane mode until 19:00.

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