iXpand Flash Drive, USB-Lightning for your iPhone

2016 has been the year in which Apple has finally decided to offer 32GB as an iPhone 7 input model. Until the iPhone 6s, the input model was 16GB, enough storage for many users but scarce for those who We want to put music, record videos with 4K resolution or heavy games. And Apple asks € 110 for an iPhone of greater capacity, but we can also spend half and buy a USB compatible flash drive like the iXpand Flash Drive from SanDisk.

What is the iXpand Flash Drive? In the beginning it is a pendrive USB 3.0 like any other, or so it would be if it were not for what it has at the other end: a Lightning connector compatible with iPhone 5 or later, iPad 4 or later and iPod Touch 5th generation or later. In addition, we can download iXpand Drive, the application from which we can play almost any type of file.

iXpand Flash Drive adds up to 128GB of space to your iPhone

When we do a review, one of the points we usually include in it is the contents of the box. In the case of a USB stick, what can we say? There are no cables or other components to mention. The few instructions that we may need are in the back of the package where the USB stick comes. The software needed to use it on a computer, if needed (it has not been done to me on an iMac) is included in the USB.

When we connect it to a computer, inside we already have some folders to help us manage our files, although we can delete them or create the ones that interest us. In other words, once connected to a computer we have a USB pendrive like any other, but with the SanDisk guarantee.


I have to confess that I am not a big fan of the design of the iXpand Flash Drive, but I have to clarify my words. I am not a fan of putting anything on my iPhone because I like its design, so I do not like the idea of ​​putting anything on the bottom, however small. Explained this, the design of the iXpand Flash Drive is designed to be used with all types of covers, regardless of size or thickness.

In the part of Lightning have a hollow so that the connector is protected at all times. On the other hand, the curve / handle that it has can be used to put the pendrive on any key ring, as long as an accessory is used such as a small chain. In this way we can always carry the iXpand Flash Drive with us without the need to wear it on our beautiful iPhone. And for those who are asking, the metal part does NOT touch the back of the iPhone.

Problems? Blame Apple

Here we are talking about the same as the headphones if we want to charge the iPhone 7 at the same time. As you all know, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus do not have a headphone port, which means we cannot listen to music stored on this flash drive unless we use a Bluetooth headset.

Actually, we will also encounter other problems, but they all blame Apple. For example, we cannot use the iXpand Flash Drive to install applications, but this is something normal in the company of the apple and more and more also in other companies.

IXpand Drive app for iOS

The iXpand Flash Drive works with its own free application: iXpand Drive. Actually, it is a very powerful application with which we can visualize practically any type of document. Y if there is one that cannot open, it will allow us to choose in which application we want to do it. For example, if we have a video that the application cannot play, we can open it using the VLC all-terrain player.

Its operation is very simple. We just have to connect our iXpand Flash Drive to a device with a Lightning port, open iXpand Drive, wait for it to load if we have added new documents and then look for the file we want to open, something we can do by tapping on “View files”. If we tap on “Copy files”, we can copy them from the USB drive to the iPhone or vice versa. iXpand Drive also allows us to make a Automatic backup of our photos and videos, which will come especially well for when we want to restore the iPhone and recover the photos as we had before restoring.


There are not many options when we look for an option to expand the memory of an iPhone or iPad. We forget about SD cards because they don't have space designed for it, but we can use the Lightning port. Explained this, surely there are other pendrives of other brands, but none of them will offer the guarantee offered by SanDisk, and even less for the price of the iXpand Flash Drive. In addition, the iXpand Drive application will make things easier for us.

Editor's Opinion

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  • iXpand Flash Drive 32GB
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  • Add a lot of memory to the iOS device
  • Automatic reel backup
  • Application to open almost any type of document


  • A little big
  • It only serves from your own application
  • It cannot be used to install applications

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