Learn to translate texts from English to Spanish with Siri on iOS 11

iOS 11 brought with it a very important change at the interface level on the iPad but at the functional level some interesting aspects were introduced such as the new Files application, or the AirPlay 2 multimedia manager or camera improvements. Siri improved on iOS 11 but it still needs great improvements since other assistants, such as Google Assistant, surpass it in many aspects.

One of the improvements that was introduced in Apple's voice assistant on iOS 11 was the possibility of translate words or texts from English to other languages. At the moment, only the translation from English into other languages ​​is available, but it is expected that in future updates new languages ​​will be integrated so that Siri becomes a Universal translator. Here we tell you how to use this tool.

Translate texts from English to Spanish with Siri on iOS 11

The importance of knowing languages ​​is more than obvious in a society where English is becoming the preferred language in many areas. But for those who still have difficulties with this language iOS 11 allows them to translate texts. At the moment this translation is available in iOS 11 of English Mandarin, French, German, Italian and Spanish. In our case, we can translate words and texts from English to our language, Spanish.

As I mentioned before, it is expected that in future updates Apple include new languages ​​to the translation function to expand the capabilities of the iOS assistant. We cannot deny that it is an important leap in terms of tasks Siri can perform, but The assistant has to evolve so as not to be left behind.

To translate texts from English to Spanish you will have to follow the following steps:

  • Access the settings of your device and press on Siri, then select the Language and change it to English United States)
  • Then we can run the wizard through two methods: by Hey Siri (in case we have activated the function) or by constantly pressing the Home button
  • Just say “How do I say (text we want to translate) in Spanish ”
  • Instantly, Siri will answer you with the Spanish translation. In addition, it allows you to hear the perfect pronunciation of the translated text. However, you will not be able to hear the English text with pronunciation (logically, if we have spoken in English we will know the pronunciation).

The function is interesting for some specific cases but change Siri settings Every time we want to translate a text it is annoying and heavy. That's why we hope that in the future iOS and Siri will acquire new languages ​​for translation, with which communication in other countries will be much simpler. This is one of the many uses that this function can have outside our native country.

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