MacX Video Converter Pro, the most useful video converter for macOS (Free for Black Friday)

Do you want to get a video and format converter completely free? MacX Video Converter Pro is a tool that will make this task as easy as possible tstill complicated so we don't have any more complications along the way and now you can get it completely free on the occasion of Black Friday just by registering here before December 6.

IOS users in general have a serious problem when transferring multimedia files, which is that It's not just music that has to go through iTunes so we can view the content correctly on our iPhone or iPad, but videos and movies also require a special format and software that allows us to view it without any problem. Therefore, now that you can get it for free for a limited time, let's see the advantages of MacX Video Converter Pro.

To get started, This 4K video converter for macOS is very popular, and not precisely because all I do is convert videos and movies to other formats, for that we already have many other tools, but because it will allow us to access endless content with minimum difficulties. It is designed to make your life easier in this aspect, but it is not going to be everything to say, we will also see how it works and what it is capable of doing.

What is MacX Video Converter Pro capable of doing?

It is an all-in-one that It will allow us to convert, edit and record the screen of our iOS device easily. Among other things they qualify as the fastest video chat for macOS. You can for example download your favorite videos from YouTube or other providers the way you want, and convert their format so that the iPhone and macOS play them correctly.

It is increasingly common to find content in 4k on any platform in addition to being quite common to make recordings with this resolution, either with the iPhone, with a GoPro, with a video camera … Thanks to MacX Video Converter Pro videos in 4K format They will no longer be a problem when playing them on any device, since it is capable of converting any video in 4K UHD at lower resolutions and formats compatible with all devices, especially with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, including the MKV and M2TS formats in 4K, which are still compatible today with Apple devices.

But not only do we face problems with Apple devices and / or applications in some formats, but also some applications and video editors not compatible with this resolution, which forces us to transfer them to other formats while reducing the resolution of the same, a task that MacX Video Converter Pro performs perfectly, respecting the original sharpness and quality. As if that were not enough, it also allows us rescale recorded content in 1080p to 4k, to be able to play it on compatible devices in addition to being able to share it on social networks including YouTube, where the number of videos in increasingly high.

But MacX Video Converter Pro is not only compatible with all the video and audio formats available on the market, but it is also much faster when converting than other applications such as HandBrake. This application takes to convert a video in 1080p with H.264 format and AC3 sound to MP4 format 15 minutes, 6 times less than with HandBrake. The new video codec used in iOS, H.265 is also compatible with this application which allows us to reduce the size of our videos by almost half With this application.

Although MacX Video Converter Pro is a paid program, you can get it for free for a limited time. At the end of the article you will find the link for downloading, so take the opportunity and get this video converter for Mac that will allow you to export to formats compatible with iMovie, Final Cut Pro, iTunes, iOS devices and many more.

Download YouTube videos on your Mac

YouTube is the most fashionable platform, and what better way to watch videos where, when and how you want. To do this we will take advantage of MacX Video Converter Pro, allowing us to download videos in all qualities, including FullHD, 4K and even 3D. Of course the audio is included, from MP3 to MP4, either from YouTube or any other video source such as Facebook or Dailymotion, the reality is that VideoX Converter Pro will open endless possibilities in this regard, we will not be able to deny it. This is just one of the examples of the software that MacXDVD offers for Mac.

Among other things and as we have said recently, with MacX Video Converter Pro we will be able to edit the video, adding subtitles, cutting the screen and detailed parts, removing black bars and even adding watermarks in case we want to make our single video Of course, MacX Video Converter Pro is a very interesting alternative, The final idea is to make simple tasks easier, and it does.

The application usually costs $ 59.95, It is available for all platforms from macOS X Leopard to the macOS X Sierra version. Do not miss the opportunity to try this video editor that in turn will allow us to download videos from YouTube, thus agglutinates many tools in one and maybe you can get rid of iTunes permanently, it's all about trying it and deciding if you really It is worth it, but it has left me with a very good taste.

However, on a promotional basis and on the occasion of Black Friday you can get MacX Video Converter Pro for free for a limited time until December 6, 2017. You only have to enter your email and you will receive the code with the license to use the application.

You also have the option to enjoy MacX Video Converter Pro at 50% discount.

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