Mann Lauds squeezes the iPhone X camera with incredible results

The iPhone X is a good match in many areas but especially in photography. The new technology implemented by Apple in this new device has made millions of people are engrossed with the photos of the iPhone X. The new 12 megapixel sensor allows users to capture faster in much more difficult situations than on other iPhones.

The photographer Mann Lauds He has decided to test the device's camera to the fullest and has obtained truly spectacular images. He has rated the new telephoto lens which allows you to increase the zoom of the photographs without sacrificing the quality of them. After the jump we leave you with more images and the opinion of Mann Lauds.

The telephoto lens and the new iPhone X sensor, keys on your camera

The lens specifications for the iPhone X are 28 mm @ f / 1.8 and 52 mm @ f / 2.4 (previously, the advantage was 56 mm f / 2.8.) This small arrangement means the lens is faster and can let light in faster in low light scenarios, reducing motion blur and minimizing noise.

Mann Lauds makes it clear from the beginning that he has been using the Plus versions since its launch on the iPhone 6. In the case of the iPhone X it reminds the original iPhone even though the screen is much larger (5.8 inches). The news regarding the camera of the new device have been praised by great professionals such as Lauds that ensures that iPhone X gets better results in low light than his predecessors.

On the other hand, the The device's telephoto lens is equipped with optical image stabilizer. On the other hand, the iPhone 8 is only stabilized the wide angle, not the telephoto lens which allows the iPhone X camera to move much less and get better results.

He also tests with the portrait mode with both the front and rear cameras. Explain that the rear camera has two lenses to create a depth map which requires more light and uses the telephoto lens. Instead, the front camera does not have these lenses, but uses the TrueDepth camera (to create the depth map, as it does with Face ID), this makes not much light (or nothing) is required to create a depth map. The results can be checked in the image you have above these lines.

Images – Mann Lauds website

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