Manufacturers await the launch of the iPhone 8

We are at that point where in addition to the users themselves, manufacturers are also waiting to see what happens with the launch of Apple's new iPhone model to do one thing or another. No doubt having Apple's rival today is not easy for manufacturers, and This is reflected in the decrease in orders for components for your devices.

Logically this happens every year when large firms are close to launching a new device model, but in the case of Apple, the expectation is always somewhat higher. All manufacturers are expected and prepared to perform one movement or another depending on what Apple does and in this case the orders for components such as processors are almost stopped.

According to Digitimes, it is common in the launches of any iPhone, all smartphone manufacturers await the launch of the new model, in this case it is something important if we pay attention to the rumors that we have been seeing for a few weeks. Above all, what seems less clear is the location of the fingerprint sensor for the new model, but there are other doubts on the table such as the screen itself, the amount of RAM, the camera with 3D recognition in the front or the placement of the double rear camera …

In this case it would be MediaTek and HISILICON The factories that have most noticed this demand for mobile devices are down, but it is normal for Asian manufacturers to lower orders for components until they have ahead of what Apple will launch in September. Another important detail is that the date on which it is said will launch the new iPhone 8 model varies according to the day, so while many wait for it to be presented in September, there are others who say it will be delayed and will be shown in October, Anyway, everyone seems to be aware of Apple's steps to perform one step or another.

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