Mini DayZ a survival game for your iPhone

Many "gamers" will know the DayZ video game quite well, a survival video game in the face of a zombie catastrophe, an open world where peculiarly the main enemies were not the zombies, but the human beings themselves and the possibility of fainting from hunger. Perhaps the moment you had dreamed so long has already arrived, Mini DayZ has come to iOS through the big door and has sneaked into the successes of the App Store.

And we love browsing the App Store to discover news that we find interesting and allow you to get a lot of performance to your iPhone / iPad. Today we bring you our first impressions about Mini DayZ, a game that you should give it a try and that is quite entertaining… can you survive in a post-apocalyptic world?

As you could imagine, It is a recreation of the popular PC game, you will have to explore an open world, though, with a rather peculiar and interesting brushstroke style. You must constantly equip your character to allow you to survive as long as possible, being health, thirst and hunger (along with hemorrhages) our main concern. Obviously, the longer we survive in this infamous world, the more achievements we will achieve.

Unfortunately, the surviving enemies are handled by AI, unlike the PC model it does not have an open multiplayer mode, which perhaps makes it lose some interest, but we must always keep in mind that it is a mobile game. It weighs only 70MB and is available in a good number of languages. We recommend it if you like this theme in both video games and cinemas. It has no purchases within the application and the game is free, although we do not know exactly how long it will continue. Remember, it is a game for over 12 years, compatible with iPhone and iPad, which will be executable in versions higher than iOS 8.0.

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