Monkey Notes, another successful video game on the App Store

It seems that summer is doing quite well for the App Store, and we, who take advantage of all the news to try them and bring us our first impressions about it. TOtime that comes free time begin to become popular casual games with which to have a good time in the Sun On the beach or in the pool, this is one of the cases that is creating real fury in the App Stores around the world.

Today we talk to you about Monkey Ropes, a game with a simple theme and with a more than known management that will be able to keep you for a long time on the screen of your iPhone. If you want to know more about this new videogame, stay with us.

Surprisingly Monjey Ropes has been able to place the first in the list of free games in the United States of America, Australia and Canada, nothing easy having to rival for example with the fury of Clash Royale. The game has an interesting difficulty curve, you will have to go exploring the jungle and navigate around the levels with two monkeys tied by a rope, literally, The work done by one and the other limits the jumps they can take, but also makes it easier for us not to fall into a deadly trap.

Pixels everywhere in a video game that reminds us of many other concentrates, has a bit of Minecraft, a little bit of Cut the Rome and even a little bit of Flappy Birds, why not say so. But the fact that it is inspired by games of marked success is not a negative point. It is completely free, weighs 115 MB and obviously has integrated payments with which its development will cover. It will be compatible with any version of iOS higher than 9.0 and universally on both iPad and iPhone and iPod Touch.

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