More patents for Apple, this refers to gestures or "touches"

Again an approved patent for the Cupertino company and this time it refers to gestures to share information or bringing the devices closer. This a priori may seem like something that has been available for a long time on devices that have NFC, but it seems that it would add the novelty of not really using the contact to share the chosen information, it would simply be necessary create a pattern that in turn would activate the data exchange process. All this evidently without compromising the security of the transfer and the shared data.

At first this would be for the company's smart watch, the Apple Watch, and would allow with a touch on the shoulder, a hug or a simple handshake, share contact information, photos, calendar events or the one user wants. As we say all this previous configuration of the user that sends and receives information, so this process of sharing information would be greatly facilitated although today it is easier to perform this process with Apple devices than before.

Of course the importance of security in this type of file transfers is paramount and Apple has the well-defined measures to prevent data from passing to devices that do not require information, that is, the crowded places such as shopping centers, concerts, sporting or similar events where there is a risk of sharing data incorrectly. All information, data, photos or similar must be previously stored on the iPhone or in the cloud, requires device identifiers and location data to perform this operation and is therefore a secure system.

Then, like all the patents that the company has registered, it may be implemented in the future, fall into oblivion or simply serve to collect income from companies that want to use it for their devices. In short, we are already clear about what happens with the patents registered by Apple and Not all of them end up being implemented in their equipment.

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