Most of those affected by the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be transferred to iPhone

It has been the technological news of the year, a very sad news, and that is that everything generated by the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosions It's something that is costing Samsung guys a lot.

Do youWhat are users doing that had one in their hands and they had to return it (not to mention the users who exploited their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 ?, well, much as Samsung despite many will end up going to the competition, they will buy an iPhone … And we don't say this, just announce IDC consultancy, expert in analytics and survey generation. After the jump we tell you that they have said exactly …

So nobody doubts the results of IDC published how they collected the data, what types of users analyzed and the smartphones they used, in the end they only found 24 users of Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

IDC surveyed 1082 users from United States through an online survey on October 17 and 18, 4 days after Samsung decided to cancel the production of Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The survey focused on three groups of consumers: Samsung smartphone users (507), toFuture Samsung smartphone users (347), and smartphone users who have never used Samsung (228). When collecting the data, it occurred with 24 users of a Samsnug Galaxy Note 7.

And as you can read below, the final verdict is that most of these users of a Samsung Galaxy Note 7, we already know that there are not many respondents but you can take a statistical average, they would go to iPhone to see the problems of this new device

The half of users to those who have exploited the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (24 users in these conditions have been surveyed) have said that they will buy an iPhone To replace your rugged device, 17% of them will choose another Samsung device.

And you, does anyone have or has had a Samsung Galaxy Note 7? Will you go to iPhone after all the controversy caused by the explosions? No doubt this will continue to give much to talk, we will see how they leave this Samsung boys …

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