N26 announces the implementation of Apple Pay in Spain by the end of the year

Well, we already have another good news for this Thursday, July 6 and it is that another bank has just announced in its official Twitter account that by the end of this year 2017 They will have available to their customers the Apple payment service, Apple Pay.

This is one of that good news after an important time passed between the launch of Apple Pay in Spain (about 7 months) and that only users of a banking entity could enjoy this convenient and secure form of payment. Obviously there is more than one option available for the use of Apple Pay in our country, but we only have an official bank and now with the official news N26 will be two.

Rumors about this new addition were recurring in social networks and after adding the payment method to its customers in several countries of the European Union, in the end they have officially announced this service you can enjoy here:

N26 is a very young but solvent German banking entity, It operates in Europe, Austria, France, Ireland, Italy and Spain. The operations and others are done online and we have no fees or maintenance on the cards, yes, as we read in the conditions 2.90 euros will be paid per month for the card if we do not use it. The rest of the information will be found directly in the conditions of the bank itself.

To date, customers of Santander, American Express, Ticket Restaurant and the Carrefour card were the only ones who could use Apple Pay in our country. The news runs like gunpowder and is that it is very good news for everyone, too bad we do not see more movements of other banks in our country in this regard. For those who want to configure Apple Pay on the iPhone it is really easy to carry out and can follow the tutorial on how to do it.

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