Neato Botvac D3 Connected, the intelligent robot vacuum cleaner

Vacuum robots are increasingly popular in homes around the world. A device that cleans the floor of your house while you are working or spending the weekend at the beach is a real treasure, as long as it fulfills its purpose well. A good autonomy, an excellent guidance system and to return to its charging base autonomously To completely disregard him are some of the requirements you must meet.

We tested the Neato Botvac D3 Connected, a smart robot vacuum cleaner that meets all of the above but also, thanks to its application for iPhone (and Android), allows you advanced features such as knowing the cleanliness of your home, being able to schedule a cleaning from work or receiving notifications When you have finished your task, you need to change the filter or if there has been a problem and you have not been able to complete the cleaning. We show you in images and video.

Guaranteed cleaning

There are many robot vacuum models on the market, but not so many that fulfill their mission well. It is essential that they meet a series of requirements that this Neato D3 approves with a note. The first thing is to have a good guidance system, that does not get lost along the way, that does not leave areas uncleaned and that avoids getting where it shouldn't. Thanks to its laser guidance system and its Neato smart cleaning system it complies with note. You just have to observe it for a few minutes to see that you have everything under control: first clean the boundaries of a certain area and then pass through the interior area. You can also clean in total darkness without problems, although I do not recommend it because like any vacuum cleaner, it is noisy.

Traffic jams in areas with reliefs are frequent in these robots, but Neato does not have the slightest problem thanks to its articulated wheels that make it an all-terrain device. Get on a carpet, pass the floor joint that separates the bathroom from the hallway or overcome any obstacle such as the legs of an armchair. In addition to vacuuming, its rotating brush does not resist anything in its path, and makes it a perfect accessory for those who have animals with hair at home.

We are accustomed to vacuum robots being round, which is impractical. By pure physics it is impossible for a round device to access the corners, because at the moment most of our houses are not round. Neato designs all his robots with the flat front, which allows him to reach the limits of the room, cleaning the corners without problems and passing through the sides of the furniture without leaving any area uncleaned.

Manual controls and automatic programming.

Like any device of this type, Neato has manual controls that allow you to establish a manual cleaning whenever you want. A simple button will allow you to start a cleaning with just one press, and stop it with another. It is a useful function when there is dirt in a certain area, since you just have to place the robot in that area, press the button and let it do its job. Next to the start and stop button we have two informative LEDs, one tells us if there is a problem and the other shows us the battery level of our robot.

But the best, without any doubt, is the possibility of using the application for our iPhone (it also exists for Android) and program what days we want our robot to clean the whole house and at what time. With a very simple interface, the application will facilitate the creation of a cleaning program for our Neato D3, which will of course comply strictly. Information about the battery of our robot, personalization of it giving it the name we want, or even perform a manual cleaning from work Thanks to Neato connecting to the Wifi network of our house and we don't need to be close to give him instructions.

With the application we can completely disregard the maintenance of our robot, since it will be the app itself that you will send us notifications when you have to empty the contents of the deposit, and when we have to change the filter or brush of our Neato. The Neato app is available in the App Store for free and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

The real-time notifications of when the cleaning is finished, or if there has been a problem that has prevented the robot from working normally complete an integration with our smartphone that not only facilitates the control of the robot but also keeps us informed at the minute of everything that happens.

Neato Robotics



Infinite autonomy

The battery of our robot will need to be recharged in order to completely clean our house. Depending on the size of our Neato Botvac D3 Connected home you will need two or three charge cycles to clean the entire surface, but this is no problem, since Neato takes care of himself when he returns to his charging base when his battery can no longer hold, recharges completely and returns to work. As soon as he is ready for it. One detail to keep in mind is that this automatic "return home" function only occurs when you perform automatic programming, but not when cleaning has been manually set.

Editor's Opinion

With mid-range price but features that you only find in high-end robots of other brands, Neato Botvac D3 Connected becomes One of the best options for those who want a good cleaning robot that they can control from anywhere, and above all, that fulfills its mission well: clean the whole house. You have it available in El Corte Inglés stores and on Amazon, where it is usually for a price of around € 400 although sometimes you get packs with offers at a lower price.

  • Editor rating
  • 4.5 star rating

€ 409


  • WiFi connectivity
  • Flat front to reach every corner
  • IPhone control
  • Notifications in real time
  • "Infinite" autonomy thanks to the return to the station
  • SUV, overcome obstacles without problems
  • Can work in darkness


  • Cleaning map function only available on higher models
  • Several charge cycles for complete cleaning

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