Netatmo Presence and Welcome, security without fees or surprises

Mounting your own security system at home using cameras and motion detectors is increasingly fashionable thanks to the huge variety of options that manufacturers offer us. But when there is so much offer you have to take into account the differences between the different alternatives, and not only taking into account the functions and options offered to us, but also the compatibility, prices, monthly fees, etc.

Netatmo seems to have hit the spot with two security cameras that offer such advanced features as the facial recognition, smart notifications based on location, cloud or microSD storage, HomeKit support and a long list of features that we analyze in the following article in which we tell you how their security cameras work: Netatmo Welcome for interiors and Netatmo Presence for exteriors.

Netatmo Welcome

Netatmo Welcome is the name of the indoor security camera offered by this manufacturer. With a design very similar to the weather station of the same brand that we also analyzed in this article, this small security camera adapts perfectly to the place where you place it. Its WiFi connectivity means you don't need to have the router nearby, although it also has an Ethernet connection in case you need it. Of course, it has no battery so it does need a nearby plug to work.

In the back we will find in addition to the mentioned Ethernet connection, the microUSB connector for the power supply, and a microSD slot to be able to store all the videos that are recorded without having to depend on any online storage system, in case our connection does not give for many parties or we simply do not want to depend on any external service. A 130º field of view, Full HD (1080p) recording, night vision and the possibility of recording only when there is something important to capture so as not to fill the microSD card or your particular cloud with useless videos are other features of this security camera.

Netatmo Presence

Netatmo Presence will be in charge of outside surveillance. A peculiar security camera, because to the obvious specifications that a camera of this type must have, such as resistance to water, sun or temperature changes, the have a powerful LED spotlight that helps illuminate the area you are watching in case of detecting a movement, or that you can use as normal lighting. In fact, the appearance of the Presence camera is more like a focus of modern style than a security camera. Its installation is very simple: you can replace any point of exterior light that you have already placed, and you can install it yourself in a few minutes because it includes everything you need for it.

Outside a camera must meet different requirements inside. You must discriminate between movements of animals or vehicles, so as not to bother you unnecessarily, and Presence does it perfectly. You can also set the zone where the motion detector would work to adjust it to your preferences. Of course, video storage in microSD or in the cloud is also possible. The range of motion detection is up to 20 meters, more than enough, and night vision allows you to see images with absolute clarity at night.

An app to manage everything

Once the security cameras are installed, the Netatmo Security application will take care of everything, both the configuration and the display of videos, notifications, etc. The configuration process can not be simpler, and once it detects the camera you just have to enter the data of your WiFi network so that they connect to it and the rest is already sewing and singing. Where it is necessary to dedicate the necessary time is in the configuration of the alerts, of the automatic detection and of the services of storage in the cloud.

When you install security cameras it is very important that they give you the information you need, neither more nor less. Not to notify you when something happens would be disastrous, but it is also insufferable to be all day receiving notifications of movements in the classroom when you are at home. The application will allow you to activate notifications or not, depending on your location, but also facial recognition, with your necessary intervention, also helps to notify you only of strangers, not of acquaintances. The possibility of skipping animals or vehicles also helps. The end result is that you receive notifications when you really have to receive them, neither more nor less.

The way in which the application shows us the information is as simple as it is effective. In a single timeline we can see all the notifications and videos that are produced, of all the cameras you have installed. Clicking on the notification you can see the video in question. The icons that appear to the left of each capture also help you discriminate between animals, people or vehicles, and at a glance you can see what is really important and what is not. It is one of the best camera applications designed for its simplicity and how it shows us the information.


No fees, no surprises, and soon with HomeKit

Nothing really we have told you so far is new. There are other cameras in the market that do everything that Netatmo Welcome and Presence do, although few, very few. But if we say that we can forget about monthly fees, then we are left with only these Netatmo cameras as the only option. It will pay once and forget you, thanks to the fact that there are no premium services or functions that are unlocked in certain subscriptions, nor will we have to pay for cloud storage.

A simple free Dropbox account will be more than enough to be able to store the videos that your cameras record, or you can use the physical storage of a microSD. They are not cheap cameras, especially the Presence outdoor model, but its benefits and, above all, forgetting monthly fees, makes the price difference amortize very soon. And if we add that before the end of 2017 they will be integrated with HomeKit, then there is little doubt that these cameras are one of the best options available right now to create your own video surveillance system in your home.

Editor's Opinion

The Netatmo Welcome and Presence cameras cover all the needs that a good video surveillance system must have, both indoors and outdoors. An excellent application with a smart notification system that really works, the possibility of storage in microSd card or Dropbox, and the absence of monthly fees Unlocking certain premium features are the strengths that make them unique in their category, and absolutely recommended for those who want to install a video surveillance system and forget everything else. Netatmo Welcome is available on Amazon for € 193 (link) and Netatmo Presence for € 299 (link). If we calculate what a video surveillance service costs us for a year, the investment is amortized soon.

  • Editor rating
  • 4.5 star rating

€ 193 to € 299


  • Interior and exterior to cover all needs
  • Advanced functions such as facial recognition, animals and vehicles
  • Local storage with microSD or Dropbox
  • Outdoor camera with spotlight
  • No monthly fees, you pay when you buy and you're done
  • Imminent integration with HomeKit


  • High price, although amortizable soon

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