New Apple Park video in sight of drone in 4K resolution

Each month we have news about the progress of the works in the Cupertino Apple Park and this new video shows us again the huge building that will be the home of Apple employees very soon.

In this case it is a video recorded with the drone of youtuber Matthew Roberts, one of which is usually every month at the foot of the canyon to show us the progress of the works in this spectacular enclosure. During the month of July it has been delayed a bit in its launch since it is usually at the beginning of the month when it is launched, but it is already available.

In the video you can see the different buildings that surround the “spaceship” of Apple including the barn that was discovered within the enclosure a few weeks ago. On this occasion we have the option to see the video that does not reach 4 minutes in 4k quality:

No doubt this building is causing a furor among Apple users, drone pilots and neighbors in the area where the headquarters of the Apple boys is being built. We talk about neighbors on the subject of rising prices that are being seen in houses near Apple Park and the amount of curious people who come daily to see this new house of Apple.

On the other hand nor it is clear if they will end up banning drone flights above the building, but the latest information was that Apple had security around the enclosure to avoid their flights. Obviously we are not sure if it is legal or not to prevent flights as well as to do it on private property, but for now we continue enjoying these views of the place where the new iPhone model could be presented in September.

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