New Gorilla Glass could make iPhone 7 more resistant

Personally, and I hope it continues like this, I have never seen any of my mobile devices break the screen, but I have seen people use an iPhone or any other mobile with a screen with a design that nobody would like to have . But this could have the days counted, because Corning presented yesterday the fifth generation of your Gorilla Glass and is able to survive falls of more than a meter and a half.

Although Gorilla Glass is the best bet, so far it has not been exempt from the problem of its fall break. Apple has always used this crystal on its iPhone, with the exception of the devices launched in 2014 (such as the iPhone 6) where they used something called Ion X-Glass, a crystal that was far from the quality of the one created by Corning. The iPhone 6s used Gorilla Glass again, partly because it needed a resistant and flexible glass so that the 3D Touch could work with guarantees.

Gorilla Glass 5 will provide greater resistance to falls

The test of Corning showed that a device equipped with a screen with Gorilla Glass 5 glass Survives falls from a height of 1.6 meters in 80% of cases. Although that percentage may seem high, I think that, as usual in these cases, they have contributed a little more pessimistic data so as not to step on their fingers, something similar to what Apple did with its Apple Watch by not announcing in its presentation that it has IPX7 certification.

The first devices to mount Gorilla Glass 5 are expected to arrive at the end of this year, so the iPhone 7 is likely to arrive with the new Corning glass. If not, the one that will arrive with Gorilla Glass 5 will be next year's iPhone, a device that, according to all the rumors, will come with very important changes, especially in terms of design.

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