New Shot on iPhone ads with images taken with the iPhone 6s

After the two ads starring animals, Apple launched two new ads for the campaign Shot on iPhone, that campaign that was born just one day after Samsung manipulated the photos of the iPhone 6 in the presentation of the Galaxy S6. Since then they update the gallery by adding new photos and videos to demonstrate the quality of the iPhone's camera, first with the iPhone 6 and now with the iPhone 6s.

The images and videos of the Shot on iPhone campaign can show any scene using any of the iPhone systems of the moment. Currently, the iPhone 6s can record on 4K resolution, to slow motion at 240fps / 720p or take 12Mpx photos. Although we also have the option of taking Time-Lapse captures, that is, a kind of video created from many photos taken with a certain period of time, this is something I don't remember seeing in the Shot on iPhone campaign.

Shot on iPhone By Marc Z.

In the first video we can see a girl whose wind is moving her hair. If I'm not mistaken, the video is recorded at 120fps, half of the 240fps that the iPhone 6s can record. In the latest Apple smartphone we have both options because if we decide to record at 120fps we will also be recording at a resolution of 1080p, rising from 720p to which it is capable of recording at 240fps.

Shot on iPhone by Robert S.

Interestingly, I used to say that I didn't remember seeing a capture Time lapse in the Shot on iPhone campaign, right? Well, if they hadn't launched any, the second of the ads released yesterday is just that. If you do not pay attention, we can think that they are going down the cables at the same speed at which we would go down in a zip line, but if we look at the Zeppelin, for example, we will realize that the image is accelerated. Actually, we are not talking about a fast camera video, something that the iPhone's native camera cannot do, but a video created from several photos.

As I said yesterday, the Shot on iPhone campaign should change dramatically from September, when the iPhone 7 with dual camera is introduced. I want to see what he is capable of.

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