Nokia buys Withings for 170 million euros

Right now, Nokia It is not even the shadow of what it was. About a decade ago, the Finnish company dominated the telephony market, but they did not know how to renew when iOS and later Android entered the scene. At that time they had to sell their mobile division to Microsoft, although they are not doing much better with the company that now runs Satya Nadella, and they could not launch any phone until 2016.

After the deadline that prevented them from launching phones, it seems that Nokia wants to recover some of the lost ground and today announced that they will buy Withings, a company that creates smart scales, devices that record physical activity and other types of health-related devices. Withings is a French company and Nokia will have to pay 170 million euros to buy it, an agreement that, if there is no unforeseen event, will be signed between the months of July and September of the same year.

Withings will become part of Nokia after summer

Undoubtedly, this acquisition means that the Finnish company wants to return through the big door to a market that they should never have abandoned. With the lesson well learned, we all hope to see new Nokia devices and your new phones are expected to use the Android operating system, something they refused in the past to say that "Using Android would be like pissing in your pants" with the Finnish sense that it has to be better (hot) in the short term but worse (ice cream) in the long term.

On the other hand, the acquisition may also mean that Nokia is thinking about the internet of things, IOT for its acronym in English. The Internet of things is what we have all heard about but few have been able to see even where a refrigerator or a washing machine can be connected to the Internet and can be used remotely. We will see what the Finnish company has planned, but the competition is always good.

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