Now you can see the weather in the Facebook application

Facebook is still determined to go deep into our lives. If you allow us to organize our calendar, look for offers and even sell and buy things in the purest Wallapop style, then the latest news comes. Forget the iOS Widget, as well as the Apple Watch screen, now his thing is to enter one of the applications that spend more battery on our iOS devices to know what the weather will be like today in our area, or in Kuala Lumpur, it all depends on the interest you have. In short, we go there with the latest news of the application that made Mark Zuckerberg rich.

But… Where is this new time management function you do on Facebook? Well, in the submenu at the bottom right, where it allows us to access Facebook applications as well as account settings and data. Well now you can see the weather.

In addition, they have implemented the option that I was already present in the News section, to say good morning, good afternoon or good night, according to third.

However, all is not lost, we will not have the need to allow access to the location permanently, which would significantly detract from battery consumption, as if that were not enough for Facebook without this option. You can choose the destination of your choice, and it will indicate the information about the weather.

It will give you the information of the time for hours, but not only that of the day we are in, but also that of the next five days. It also includes the temperature, the state of the sky, which is currently "Clear" in Madrid, and be careful, because we have just realized that they include "Shower”To warn of a possible rain with more intensity Fantastic!

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