On the US border they can check your iPhone but not your iCloud

Lately we are seeing several cases related to the privacy we have with our mobile devices, a privacy that in some specific case can be a problem … We speak for example of the case of the disappearance of Diana Quer whose iPhone has been unlocked a few days ago to use as evidence in the investigation, or the recent San Bernardino attack

Devices that in the end have enough information about our lives and that is why they are an important piece if we want to know more about ourselves. The problem comes when we see each other forced to provide our devices to investigate us, something that can happen to us for example if we try to enter U.S, but be careful, you are not authorized to see all your data, specifically iCloud data cannot be seen. After the jump we give you all the data …

And probably many of you are planning a trip to the United States. The agents of the CBP (US Customs and Border Protection) They are not authorized to ask us for passwords to access our cloud services, some permits that have been confirmed after several complaints for requiring this data, and it has been the Oregon Senator Ron Wyden, which confirmed that CBP agents are authorized to require access to iPhone and other electronic devices we travel with, but not to the data contained in cloud services, as would be the case with iCloud.

So you know, I think this will generate a lot of news, in the end they are storage devices and services in which we store a lot of personal information and if we want to investigate it is relatively easy to access this data. But it is clear that if you have nothing to hide and do not want problems, it is best that try to pass customs controls as quickly as possible and start as soon as possible to enjoy your vacation.

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