Only the 9 iPhone users will buy the iPhone 7

Overwhelming news according to analysts, after an important survey conducted in the United States of America, users who own an iPhone 6 or an iPhone 6s do not seem interested in getting the possible iPhone 7. It seems that the fever for the new iPhone has begun to stagnate, perhaps, most of the sales were made due to the increase in screen size, and not precisely because of the design, since many agree that the iPhone 6 is the least successful design in the history of the iPhone. In addition, there are few who have all the hopes placed on the 10th anniversary of the iPhone and its possible great launch.

In fact, this iPhone for the tenth anniversary is the main cause that most users have decided to skip the next generation of the iPhone. I myself, I am a current holder of an iPhone 6 Spacial Gray, and I have not the slightest thought of getting the iPhone 7 services, at least if the design is so continuous, since it gives the impression that in terms of hardware, we will see little that is really innovative, just keeping the news of the iPhone 6s. The survey report indicates that only 9% of users of any model of iPhone 6 or 6s are thinking of acquiring the future iPhone 7.

Let's not fool ourselves, there are already three consecutive years that we knew the final design of the iPhone during the month of July, so we do not have much hope that this will change too much. This contrasts with 25% of users who replied that they would be willing to purchase the new iPhone 7 if they underwent a major design change. So, we have more to wait for the Keynote that will take place in mid-September to confirm what almost all of us fear, the iPhone 7 will be nothing more than a perfection of the iPhone 6S.

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