Pocket is updated with many new improvements

Pocket is a productivity application that serves many things, one of them and the most popular is to store the articles that we are hunting for websites and blogs to be able to read them later with total peace of mind. In addition Pocket has many functions that facilitate this task and is fully integrated with iOS so that everything is made as easy as possible. So that, Pocket has recently been updated with enough news to continue allowing us to read our favorite articles and news.

We also remember that Pocket not only is free (although it has integrated purchases) but it is also multiplatform, we will find it both in web version and in the form of an application for Mac OS and is fully compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad provided they have a version higher than iOS 8 .

What's new in version 6.2.3Introducing a new customizable reading experience with Pocket Premium! Those who have subscribed to Pocket Premium can now refine their reading design to the maximum by customizing the margins and line height. In addition, we have added an automatic dark mode option, which changes the appearance of the reading theme according to your location and ambient light.In this version we include these additional changes:

-Fixed a design problem when opening Pocket in landscape mode on the iPad.-Fixed an error that caused the underlined text not to be included when shared with other applications.-The number of touches necessary to share with Evernote has been reduced.- Small bugs fixed and various improvements

To download it you just have to go to the App Store, it is available in Spanish and many other popular languages. It is fully usable despite not purchasing the Premium version, so if you have not tried it yet, it is a good time to give it some use.

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