Protests in France for the way Apple evades taxes in Europe

The topic on how Apphe pays his taxes in Ireland Meanwhile in Spain declares losses has been on the cover of many daily times ago, however, and although it does not seem to have been solved even from afar, everything seemed buried in oblivion. A few days ago, French activists rekindled the controversy by demonstrating against the fiscal stance of Manzana.

The Attac association has manifested itself in various Apple stores in France, thus showing its rejection of the way Apple works tax engineering and avoids paying taxes in the Gallic country. This is not an isolated event, many countries in Europe are beginning to pressure the Cupertino company.

The points chosen by the association have been the Apple Store in Paris and Aix-en-Provence (located in southeastern France), demanding that the US firm begin to pay its taxes consistently in France and the rest of Europe, and the reality is that personally I can only applaud. A total of up to forty activists have thrown themselves on the sidewalks and posted posters that told a story:

Alice, a 31-year-old agriculture, and Robert, a 74-year-old retiree, who presented as characters victims of tax evasion, at least like the other 67 million people in the country who cease to benefit from taxes.

They formed the phrase "Apple pays your taxes" with letters inscribed on its body, yes, the controversy lasted just over half an hour, the police did not have to intervene and did not cause any altercation. It was peaceful, orderly and of course they conveyed the message they wanted. In the tumult of the Apple Store in Paris they wore t-shirts where they warned that in France there are 67 million victims of tax evasion that Apple commits in Europe, In this demonstration up to 60 people congregated according to EFE.

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