Review of the Koogeek Smart Plug. A smart plug compatible with HomeKit

This week we have the opportunity to test the smart plug compatible with HomeKit, Smart Plug by Koogeek. This firm has several accessories available in its product catalog in which it offers us for a fairly moderate price the possibility of use devices compatible with Apple HomeKit.

Many of those present have in mind the option of making our home smart but this is not simple and above all it is not economical at all, so This type of accessories that are coming to the market help us to make this process something simpler and above all more economical.

On this occasion, what we have been able to prove is the model P1EU Smart Plug by Koogeek. We have to look at the P1EU if we are going to make the purchase since there are different models for each country and it is important for the plug model and the different voltages that exist, so be careful with this detail.

Presentation of the Smart Plug

We cannot say that the presentation of this smart plug is anything from the other world, but it certainly brings everything necessary for its use and well presented. The box adds information about the product itself and shows us some of the products that we can connect such as fans, lamps, humidifiers, etc. In addition, on one of the sides it shows the load information and the requirements for its proper functioning, more information appears at the bottom of the box and finally inside we find the quick guide and the well protected plug.

How it syncs with the iPhone

To make the connection of the accessory with our iPhone or iPad is as simple as following these steps. Connect the plug directly and we'll see how a blinking green LED turns on, which means it works well.

We have to be in iOS 8.1 or higher and then simply without having anything plugged into the plug, we open the house application on the iPhone and press the button that has this accessory. We click on the + symbol It appears in the upper right and add accessory. Now will ask us to link to the device and for that we simply have to scan the code that comes in the plug itself or in the Smart Plug box. Once done we can change the name of the accessory we want and start enjoying it.

The Smart Plug

This is an adapter for plugs that to explain it in a simple and fast way we will say that allows us to control the passage of power to an outlet through our iPhone. In this way once we have synchronized the plug with our iPhone we can ask Siri from our iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch to activate or deactivate the current passage even if we are away from home thanks to HomeKit. We can also add our environments or time shifts through the Casa application to open and close the current flow whenever we want.

This may come in handy in many cases but simple examples would be turn on or off a lamp, a fan, the coffee maker, the TV, a humidifier or everything that we have plugged in and we want to have control from our iOS devices.

Koogeek official application

In this case the official application adds some prominence to the accessory since it is able to control electricity consumption which has the device connected to the network. With this we can focus on consumption and be somewhat more efficient at home, office or wherever we have connected this Smart Plug.

In this case we have to say that the Koogeek plug has an official price of 45.99 euros but for all those who are followers of iPhone News and really want to start with home automation or take the first steps in it, we have a 9QWZJWZZ discount code that leaves the product for 27.59 euros For purchases made until next August 6, so do not delay the purchase if you want to try this great accessory.

You can directly access the product from this Amazon link where you will find the Smart Plug and then simply apply the discount code that has been provided for all of you.

Editor's Opinion

  • Editor rating
  • 4 star rating

€ 45.99


  • It allows to control the consumption of any device
  • It can be used on any device with plug
  • Compatible with Apple HomeKit
  • Very simple to synchronize and use
  • It can be controlled from outside the home if we have an Apple TV or an iPad


  • The set is somewhat large in terms of size
  • We have to remember to activate the lamp switch, coffee maker or accessory to always work
  • It is important to say that it does NOT work with 5gz wifi

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