Rumors affect how we see Apple devices

We are used to reading news, leaks and rumors about Apple products every day. A clear example is the next iPhone 8 that will be released in September this year. There have been many rumors that we have had about this device since the end of the year and Many agree with each other.

Rumorology is booming during these years where reliable sources cease to be, and where a source that was unreliable offers a filtration that matches the final product. We can't trust anyone. But the large number of rumors affects the perception we have of the devices.

Don't we get tired of seeing the product because of rumors?

We have a lot of leaked prototypes of the next iPhone 8: some with Touch ID on the back, others with the sensor on the front integrated into the glass, with different camera positions … One wide range of prototypes that probably match the final result.

Starting from this idea, we can ask ourselves if we are getting used to having rumors and leaks With all the devices. Are we losing the desire to discover a one more thing in an Apple keynote or get the company to surprise us with every novelty that it presents within its devices?

Rumors affect the perception of users since They know in advance how the final result can be. That is why technology companies have invested a lot of money in improving security and avoiding leaks in recent years although we have already seen that, although there is a large investment, The information leaves any gap.

What is clear is that we cannot avoid receiving the information, much less not sharing it with all of you. Apple information is one of the most valuable and shared worldwide and the keynotes are highly valued, we just have to wait and see how right the leaks were with respect to the next products of the big apple.

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