Samsung will start supplying OLED displays to Apple in 2017

The soap opera of future OLED screens, which those of Cupertino intend to use in the future, has not yet been clarified at any time. A few weeks ago, Foxconn finalized the purchase process of Sharp to be able to manufacture in the future the screens with OLED technology that Cupertino plans to implement in the next iPhone models. Previously it had been rumored that Apple had reached an agreement with Samsung and LG for both companies to supply these screens, but after the purchase of Foxconn it would make no sense. To try to give a little light to the matter, The Korea Herald, has just announced that Samsung will continue in the project.

As The Korea Herald has published, Korean firm Samsung would begin supplying OLED technology screens to Cupertino's next year, one year earlier than planned. Under the terms of the agreement Samsung will provide Apple with 100 million 5.5-inch screens with OLED technology annually. OLED technology offers us more vivid colors than traditional LCD panels that, although with improved versions, those of Cupertino have continued to use on both the iPhone and iPad that are currently sold, since the Apple Watch is the only device that Use an OLED screen.

The new OLED panels, in addition to offering lower battery consumption, are more expensive to manufacture and have several drawbacks when assembling them, inconveniences that Apple will have to solve along the way. It seems that finally LG has been left out of the agreement, and the purchase of Sharp by Foxconn has gone wrong for the company, since the main intention of the firm was to adapt all the machinery to work almost exclusively for the boys of Cupertino.

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