six common mistakes and how to avoid them

I remember when I was little and they brought a new recreational machine: we were all curious and we played the new acquisition of the closest recreational, but nobody knew how to play that new game. Over time, many of us learned and even discovered most of the tricks to pass all the screens. Pokémon GO It does not look anything like that kind of games but, as always, some first days of confusion are followed by others in which we learn the best way to play.

Pokémon GO arrived in Spain, Italy and Portugal last Friday, so we only had 3-4 days to play the title of the moment. What we all do when we discover a new game is to play forgetting everything else, but not taking into account some things can make us move more slowly. In this article we will talk about several mistakes we make all when playing the latest success developed by Niantic.

Disable RA mode when hunting in Pokémon GO

It is very clear that it is much more visual to hunt the Pokémon in the "real world" than in a computer-created image, but is this the best for our evolution as a coach? No, it is not. If we have activated the mode of Augmented reality When hunting the Pokémon, we will have to locate them with the camera of our iPhone and, once we focus it, keep the mobile in the same position. If it turns out that, for example, we are playing from the bed to see if we get a Pokémon that we don't have before we fall asleep, you will understand what I mean.

Yes we deactivate the RA, instead of the background of the real world, the bottom of a forest will appear, with daylight and dark at night. Hunting the Pokémon will be much easier, we will get more and we / our avatar will be a better coach. With the RA activated it is much easier for us to escape (yes, they escape, but at more advanced levels).

Ah, the option or switch appears in the upper right when we are going to catch a Pokémon.

Forget hatching eggs by car

The creators of Pokémon GO have proposed that we have fun, but also that let's go out and we are not always sitting with the mobile or tablet. This is especially important when hatch eggs, a kind of "surprise" that will force us to move 2-5km to hatch and appear a Pokémon.

It is clear that almost no one likes to walk by walking. Yes, there are many people who walk to play sports, but in this case sport is a clear objective. The most normal thing is that many of us want to take advantage of a car trip to hatch the eggs, but this will not work. For kilometers to count, we have to go at a speed that is not confirmed, but it seems that the counter stops if we exceed 40km / h approximately. Bad luck. The best thing for these cases is to go by bike. This does work.

Activate Pokémon GO Battery Saver

When we talk about what we would like a new iPhone (or other smartphone) to include, we always mention the battery. Pokémon GO is a game that makes use of GPS to warn us through a vibration when there is a Pokémon nearby. It is clear that this can be positive if Pokémon GO is ours Hobbie favorite, but it will not be so much if we need our mobile phone to enjoy good autonomy.

If we activate the mode Battery saving, the GPS will be deactivated when we do not have the game running in the foreground.

Pay attention to the NEAR tab

It is one of the few indications that the game offers us, so it does not seem very good idea to ignore it. In the lower right we have the option NEAR which tells us the Pokémon around us to a maximum of 9. Ideally, open the tab every time we enter Pokémon GO to see if there is something that we have not yet hunted. If we see a Pikachu appear and we don't have it, it may be a good idea to take a walk in the area where we are.

Explained this, I would also like to explain that the order of closeness It does not appear as if we were reading a text in the West, but as if we were reading in Japan. The order of closeness is as you have it in the previous capture.

Improve your trainer, not your Pokémon

Curious advice, right? For what improve coach if the Pokémon fight? Because this goes by levels, we are not talking about the Pokémon series or movies. Most interesting things happen from the moment the coach reaches level 8. For example, Frambu Berries begin to appear in the Poképaradas.

This is something that I am telling right now by iMessage to a friend (hello, David ????): “Don't give candy to Pokémon unless it is for them to evolve right now. If you improve your coach you can find a stronger Pokémon than you are improving and everything you have given him you will have lost. ” This is a reality: the better coach you are, the better Pokémon hunts. If we spend our resources on, for example, an Eevee, we level up and hunt another much higher Eevee right after, what?

Explained this, we also have to explain how many points each thing gives:

  • Capturing a Pokémon gives 100 XP points (experience). This means that it is a good idea to capture everything we see. If it turns out that we capture a Pokémon that we have in triplicate, we can transfer the weakest to the teacher.
  • Capture a Pokémon for the first time: 500 XP.
  • Incubate a Pokémon: 200 XP.
  • Interact with a Poképarada: 50 XP. By interacting I mean picking up what you have to give us.
  • Evolve a Pokémon: 500 XP.

Take advantage of objects wisely

In the previous point we talked about the experience points of the coach. For example, evolving a Pokémon will give us 500 XP. But what if we evolved it with a lucky egg activated? Well, it will give us 1,000 XP. If we do this with several Pokémon that we have endured without evolving, we can get many more points.

On the other hand, we also have the Frambu Berries, a fruit that will cause the Pokémon to become somewhat more docile. In this case we will not say that you have to use them wisely, but the opposite: what we do not have to do is the nonsense of using one of these berries to hunt a Rattata with a Combat Power (PC) of 10-12 points because the We will be wasting and we might need it to hunt a much more powerful Pokémon.

Bonus: exit and enter the game from time to time

Ok, it is clear that this advice may not be the most successful if the servers are collapsed because we could stay without re-entering for a long time. But we don't have to forget that Pokémon GO is software and, like any program, it has to process data. You would be surprised how many times I close the game from multitasking to see that several Pokémon have appeared around me. They may fix this in the future, but it is something that, for example, I have done to capture the battery saving point and caught no less than 4 Pokémon (Ponyta, Venonat, Geodude and Growlithe), one of them that does not I had it.

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