Some of the medals of the Olympic Games will be made with old iPhone

The Olympic Games is one of the major sporting events around the world. Many are the athletes who aim to win a medal, of whatever metal, in these events that are held every 4 years. The next edition of the Olympic Games will be held in Japan, next year.

The Tokyo organizing committee for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games intends that the gold, silver and bronze medals are made from recycled smartphone and other electronic devices that are being removed a few months ago.

According to the committee, there are many users and companies that are supporting this idea, with which they have achieved Obtain 47,488 tons of electronic devices. This figure includes more than 5 million smartphones that were no longer used and delivered to NTT Docomo stores, one of the largest operators in the country.

To proceed with the collection of disused electronic devices, containers have been distributed both in post offices and in other public buildings. The goal of the 2,700 kg bronze committee sand he met in June of last year, while 93.7% of the 30.3 kilograms of gold and 85.4 of the 4.1000 kilograms of silver were reached last October.

Although the target amounts of gold and silver have not yet been recovered, This estimate is based on the number of devices that have already been collected., but according to the organizing committee, there will be enough material to reach the goal. The program will end on March 31. The designs of the Olympic and Paralympic metallas will be announced this summer.

The idea of ​​manufacturing the medals from electronic devices was announced last summer, although at that time it was not known if it would be feasible. The government organization that came up with that idea alreadyhe had enough electronic devices to discard but I did not have the means to create an organized collection.

The gold and silver that we can find in the electronics that Japan discards represent 16 and 22 by the way, respectively, of the global offer, more than enough to be able to produce the medals of the next Olympic Games. The medals that were delivered at the 2012 Olympic Games were manufactured from 9.6 kg of gold, 1,210 kg of silver and 700 kg of bronze. In 2014, Japan recovered 143 kg of gold, 1,566 kg of silver and 1,112 tonnes of copper from the devices discarded by users.

Apple committed to recycling

Apple has always been a strong advocate of recycling its products. Started an iPhone reuse and recycling program in 2013 with reusable devices Sold the second-hand market and non-repairable devices sent for recycling.

A couple of years ago, he introduced Liam, a robot that is responsible for disassembling each iPhone and classifying its parts for reuse or recycling. Soon after, he introduced Daisy, a more advanced version. In addition, Apple pledged in 2017 to stop relying on mining operations to obtain some of the components necessary for the manufacture of its devices and start using recycled materials products.

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