Sphero presents its impressive Star Wars robots

Sphero presents just in time for the holiday season and before the premiere of the new Star Wars movie (The Last Jedi) its new robots controlled by smartphone, managing to bring together the most famous film droids in its catalog: BB-8, R2 D2 and the new BB-9E.

With a range of motion of up to 30 meters and a speed that can reach up to 7km / h It is the perfect toy for the little ones (or older) of the house, and they will also have the opportunity to learn to program thanks to the applications that exist in the App Store and Google Play. The presentation of his droids has been completed with a video and more information that we offer below.

Everyone knows the mythical R2 D2 and the youngest but equally famous BB-8. This model is the successor of the successful droid with which Sphero achieved worldwide fame, and has news as a holographic simulation platform. The last model presented is BB-9E that we will see in the next Star Wars movie which opens this Christmas season, from December 15. The two spherical robots reach speeds of up to 7km / h and are controlled by a smartphone connected by Bluetooth thanks to the free application available in the App Store. On the other hand, R2 D2 can go from bipedal to tripod posture, as in the movies.

All have LED lights and sounds, and if you watch their movies with them they will react when viewed on the screen, they can even interact with each other if you have more than one. They also have an application, Sphero Edu, which allows users to start programming. Both adults, educators or children can start learning this language in a fun and interactive way. The Star Wars BB-8, BB-9E and R2-D2 models from Sphero are available at El Corte Inglés and online stores like Amazon:

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