Take advantage of these discounts on Koogeek LED bulbs, plugs and strips

Koogeen has become one of the reference brands for accessories compatible with HomeKit, Google Home and Alexa, and has done so by offering quality products at very interesting prices. Smart bulbs and plugs, LED strips, door and window opening and closing sensors, smart switches or smart strips They are some of the products that we can find in their catalog.

We offer you today some very interesting discounts for its multicolored LED bulb, its smart plug and the LED strip, products that we have analyzed in our blog and YouTube channel and that you can now get with discounts ranging from 22 to 29%. Take advantage of these offers using the discount codes given below and that will last only until September 13 and limited to 50 units of each product.

In this video we show you the operation of the LED bulb and the Koogeek smart plug, along with another of its accessories. Very easy to configure and controlled from the official Koogeek application or the Home application which is reinstalled in iOS and macOS Mojave, both devices will allow you to control the lighting of your home, generate different environments and automate its on and off so that you never leave them on or have to go blindly looking for the switch that turns them on.

  • 8W WiFi LED bulb compatible HomeKit, regular price € 34.99, with coupon 5936HDHS you can get it for € 24.84 on Amazon Spain (link).
  • WiFi smart plug compatible with HomeKit, regular price € 34.99 with the coupon Q9TI4LC7 you can get it for € 25.19 on Amazon Spain (link).

The LED strip is an accessory that can be used as lighting or as a decorative element. Create an "Ambilight" with your TV use it to illuminate your desk, a showcase or as a kitchen light, users have found many applications for this accessory that you can also control using HomeKit, Google Home and Alexa.

  • WiFi LED strip compatible with HomeKit, regular price € 36.99 with the coupon O4S7X233 you can get it for € 28.85 on Amazon Spain (link)

Remember that these offers are only available until September 13 and limited to 50 units of each product, so only the first 50 can take advantage of them.

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