Ten improvements that Apple needs to incorporate in iOS 12

If iPhone X is the future, then iOS is the vehicle to take us to the. Apple's latest iPhone features all kinds of small changes in iOS that compensate for the lack of a start button and the camera notch, but for the most part, iOS on iPhone X is not so different from what it is on iPhone 8.

In fact, if the iPhone X shows us something, it is that iOS is a little behind. Apple has done well to refresh it with new gestures and animations, but compared to the elegant curves and the OLED screen on the iPhone X, iOS seems less modern than ever. And if the iPhone X is really going to lead Apple in the next 10 years, then iOS will have to be three steps ahead. Here there is 10 ways iOS 12 can roll the ball:

1. Dark mode

The iPhone X would be awesome with a true dark mode of iOS. As we can see in Apple Watch, a dark theme takes full advantage of OLED features, erasing the lines between the glass and the screen, and giving the illusion of an infinite screen. Apple might recommend iPhone X as "full screen", but it actually has a rather thick bezel. We can simulate it with the option Invert colors in the accessibility settings, but a true dark mode in iOS would remove the visual barrier between the screen and the bezel and make it look like you're holding a piece of glass from edge to edge.

2. Expand the scope of Face ID

Face ID is very impressive on the iPhone X, but it is not perfect. As with the Touch ID debut on the iPhone 5s, Face ID is largely a work in progress and Apple surely will improve speed and reliability of this on future iPhones.

3. More functionality

OK, we will admit it: the camera notch is not as bad as we thought it would be. Although it still looks a bit silly in the images, in practice it is not so annoying, and in the right cases, it's really great. But one thing is certain: it won't disappear soon. So, if that is the case, we would like Apple to add even more functionality to the spaces around the notch, turning the status bar into a fully interactive space that eliminates the need to open the Control Center so often.

4. We will slide anywhere to unlock

There is no doubt that at some point in the future our iPhones will automatically jump to the home screen as soon as we look at them, but until that day comes, we still have to swipe up. The problem is that you must slide from the bottom from the screen where the start indicator is. We often forget it, which means we have to slide twice to unblock. Like Apple removed the bar in iOS 7 and let us slide anywhere to get to the access code screen, the ability to swipe up in the center of the screen would literally save hundreds of seconds every day.

Now that Apple is finally using OLED on an iPhone and can take advantage of its energy-saving advantages, the time has come for an always active screen. A basic element of flagship products Android for years, is an amazing useful function, which shows things like time, battery percentage and notifications, without having to do more than take a look at your phone.

6. Double tap on the screen to turn it off.

Without the Start button, the only way to turn on the iPhone X screen is to press the side power button, so Apple gave us a great gesture: touch to wake up. But It only works when the screen is off. To turn off the screen, we still need to press the power button.

7. Put the applications in a drawer

Surely it would be nice if we could hide our applications in a drawer in iOS 12. We've been hating the network of icons for years, but on iPhone X it's completely criminal. With such a bright screen, we want See all our home screen image, but Apple still forces us to saturate our screen with icons. It is time for Apple to give us the option to keep them hidden as in the Android drawer, showing the iPhone X screen in all its splendor.

8. A smarter unlock

We can discuss the merits of Face ID against those of Touch ID all day, but the bottom line is that we shouldn't have to unlock our phones every time we want to use them. On Android phones, you can keep your phone unlocked when connected to trusted Wi-Fi networks or using certain Bluetooth devices and a similar feature would be amazing on iOS.

9. Fix the keyboard

The phone's X keypad has a lot of wasted space. iPhone X can give us more screen to work, but when you're writing a message or email, actually you don't get any space benefit Regarding the iPhone 8 Plus. That is because Apple chose to place the keyboard with considerable space under it so as not to interfere with the start indicator. Every pixel on the iPhone X is valuable, and it is a shame to have so much white space.

10. Bring iPad-style multitasking

iOS 10 brought some serious multitasking capabilities to the iPad, but it no longer needs to be relegated to tablets. Now that the iPhone X screen measures almost six inches, we should be able to run two applications comfortably at the same time. Or use a PIP window and drag and drop. The giant iPhone X screen and gesture-based navigation open it up to a variety of multitasking possibilities, and iOS 12 needs to be incorporated.

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