Tesla Powerbank of 3,350 mAh and a supercharger replica charging base

All or almost everyone knows Tesla CEO Elon Musk, and all or almost everyone knows that a Tesla is much more than a luxury electric car. A few days ago Musk showed the world his new trucks with which he intends to revolutionize the world of road freight, electric trucks.

Within this presentation, the new Roadster was also removed from the sleeve, a completely unexpected sports model that arrived just at the end of the event in the purest “One more think” style of Apple and that left everyone with an open mouth, put on That this surprise was really a surprise. But in addition to all this, Musk added to its product catalog a Tesla Powerbank with two lightning connectors and a micro USB connector and another exact replica of a supercharger with a lightning port.

The main commitment of the Musk company is to pollute the planet less with its products and make a qualitative leap in the fight against emissions that cause climate change, but if you can also get some money from itWell, we imagine that they will not reject it. That is why they have a list of products from merchandising They meet the demand of their customers and among them we find this charger.

In this case, the base with supercharger design seems to be useless for any device and it only has one cable and in the description the only thing that can be read is that it does not have USB. In contrast in the external battery if they add two types of connectors, one for iOS devices with its lightning on the side and another micro USB connector on the other. Notably The external battery capacity is 3,350 mAh which means that it allows us to charge a mobile device almost twice. But in this case, what I like most is the design and Tesla lovers will see in these products all the care given by the company in their cars and beautiful finishes. The desktop base is available in white and red colors and the external battery in black and red, both for a price of 45 dollars.

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