The Apple Car can be manufactured by Magna in Austria

The German media Frankfurter Allgemeine has published a report that says Apple is planning to sign a contract with Magna, an Austrian car manufacturer, to manufacture the Apple car. The media also says that the Cupertino company has created a “secret laboratory” (well, secretly…) in Berlin, where it created a small multidisciplinary team of some 15-20 engineers from other German companies related to motoring.

Magna, the company that supposedly has chosen Apple to manufacture its electric and / or autonomous car, is a company specializing in the manufacture of limited edition models for major car manufacturers. Three of the cars they have manufactured in Magna are the Mini Paceman, the Clubman and the BMW X3, all three for the German company BMW. In the next 6-7 years, Magna is expected to manufacture hundreds of thousands of vehicles for BMW.

The Apple Car could be manufactured by Magna

The German media report does not give many details, but it should not surprise us if Apple decided to manufacture its car in Germany or Austria, where important cars such as Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Audi or even more affordable cars such as Volskwagen, SEAT or Opel are manufactured. In addition, one of the last signings that Apple has made has been that of the former director of Mercedes Johan Jungwirth.

In February, some Apple executives traveled to Austria to meet with Magna and analyze the car project. The Austrian company was one of the companies present at a conference attended by Sixty Eight Research, who is believed to be an important piece in the Project Titan.

Although there is nothing official, it seems that no one doubts that Apple will end up launching its own car, something that at best will arrive in 2019. It will be interesting to see the first leaks of its design and the moment in which they reveal a price that, as an analyst, I would say that in no case will it fall below € 100,000. With that price, would you buy it?

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